Portable Outdoor Fire Pits

Fire House Building

During the summer months, many residents enjoy the beautiful weather with an outdoor fire. These fires can be a serious danger to you and surrounding neighbors if basic safety is overlooked. The City of South Milwaukee has an outdoor burning ordinance that must be followed. Some of the basic parameters are listed below.

  • Manufactured fire pit appliances must have a screen and cover in place during operation
  • Fires must be 25 feet from any building or combustible structure and/or combustible exposure (buildings, trees, shrubbery)
  • Fires are not allowed on balconies or under building overhangs
  • Use only clean, dry wood with a minimum 1-inch diameter (this and paper allowed for ignition)
  • Flammable/combustible liquids are not allowed to ignite any fires
  • Fires are not allowed if winds exceed 10 mph
  • Hours for fires are limited to 7 am to midnight
  • All fires must be supervised by an adult at all times
  • Proper means to extinguish the fire must be available during operation

A detailed copy of the city burning ordinance can be obtained by viewing the Fire Prevention, Protection & Control Code.