Mural Project

The mural project is scheduled to start September 14, 2023 and take about 7 days to complete, depending on weather. Renowned artist Mika Revell's design was chosen for the side of the Human Concerns building at 1029 Milwaukee and she is excited to start. 

Check back soon for more information!

City Mural Project Background Information

The city received 116 mural submissions for a hand-painted mural on the Human Concerns building at 1029 Milwaukee Avenue. At a meeting on April 27, 2023 the mural committee chose three artists to proceed with to develop final designs.

Project Information

The building is located in the heart of the downtown. It’s adjacent to the long-running South Milwaukee Downtown Market, “Da Crusher” statue and new Bucyrus Commons outdoor event space where the community and visitors will come to gather for various events.


For this project, the goal of the mural design is for bringing the community together and attracting visitors to the downtown and representing new beginnings for the City of South Milwaukee. Beautification and “surprise and delight” is best suited for these goals leaving the project neutral in subjects such as social, cultural and political issues. 


The building is on the southeast corner of Milwaukee and 11th Avenues. The project façade is on the side of the building, along 11th Avenue and will be viewed by pedestrians and westbound drivers on Milwaukee Ave. Milwaukee Ave is a two-lane road with a posted speed limit of 25 mph and is the city’s main street.  


Façade dimensions:     approximately 115’ x 24’     2,760 SqFt
west facing wall, fronting 11th Ave, without windows


Last updated 8/31/2023