SCBA Training Prop

SMFD Multi-Station SCBA Confidence Training Prop

Training Prop

Training prop that can be mobile for essential SCBA Training

This training prop is designed to provide realistic challenges that may be encountered on the fire ground. The intent is to provide both a learning atmosphere to instruct the proper way to address certain situations and as a personal evaluation tool. Firefighters can personally judge their levels of confidence and competence. Several of the props are based on real-life fire ground scenarios.

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NFPA 1404: Procedures apply to emergency responders expecting to be involved in fire suppression, rescue, EMS, and related activities in a toxic, contaminated, or oxygen-deficient atmosphere or environment. Criteria cover selection and use of equipment; instructors and safety officer; training progression; specialized training in areas including SCBA, APRs and PAPRs, and WMD response; in-service equipment inspection and maintenance; breathing air; and training evaluation.

SCBA Route

SCBA Training Prop Suggested Route

SCBA Route1

Fire Fighter navigating

SCBA Route3

Attic Scuttle and Rafters