File of Life

File of LifeThe South Milwaukee Fire Department promotes the use of the File of Life Program for seniors and others with special medical needs. A medical information form is completed by the resident and kept in a folder stored on the refrigerator by an attached magnet. This file assists emergency personnel in obtaining important emergency information.┬áThe “File of Life” kits are free of charge to South Milwaukee residents. For more information or to obtain the File of Life, please contact us at (414) 768-8191 or by email.

Why should I use the file of life?

During emergencies, seconds count. Vital information, such as past medical history, allergies, medications, or persons to contact is required to provide the best possible care. The File of Life provides this critical information in the event the patient is incapacitated or unable to respond to questions.

If you have a File of Life and would like a new form, you can download and print a copy.