Call Statistics

2014 Call Statistics

Inci TypeDescriptionInci Type
111Building fire39
113Cooking fire, confined to container13
118Trash or rubbish fire, contained2
121Fire in mobile home used as fixed residence2
130Mobile property (vehicle) fire, Other2
131Passenger vehicle fire8
132Road freight or transport vehicle fire1
140Natural vegetation fire, Other1
141Forest, woods or wildland fire2
142Brush or brush-and-grass mixture fire4
150Outside rubbish fire, Other1
151Outside rubbish, trash or waste fire3
154Dumpster or other outside trash receptacle fire8
160Special outside fire, Other2
162Outside equipment fire2
251Excessive heat, scorch burns with no ignition1
300Rescue, EMS incident, other2395
320Emergency medical service, other7
322Motor vehicle accident with injuries13
323Motor vehicle/pedestrian accident (MV Ped)1
324Motor Vehicle Accident with no injuries3
340Search for lost person, other1
342Search for person in water1
351Extrication of victim(s) from building/structure1
352Extrication of victim(s) from vehicle2
360Water & ice-related rescue, other1
365Watercraft rescue2
381Rescue or EMS standby1
400Hazardous condition, Other3
410Combustible/flammable gas/liquid condition, other2
411Gasoline or other flammable liquid spill1
412Gas leak (natural gas or LPG)13
413Oil or other combustible liquid spill5
420Toxic condition, Other1
424Carbon monoxide incident7
440Electrical wiring/equipment problem, Other4
441Heat from short circuit (wiring), defective/worn1
444Power line down4
445Arcing, shorted electrical equipment2
460Accident, potential accident, Other2
461Building or structure weakened or collapsed2
463Vehicle accident, general cleanup39
471Explosive, bomb removal (for bomb scare, use 721)1
500Service Call, other22
5001Service Call, (Smoke Detector)7
5002Service Call, (CO Detector)16
5003Service Call, (Electrical)2
5004Service Call, (Investigate Odor)17
510Person in distress, Other3
520Water problem, Other1
522Water or steam leak1
531Smoke or odor removal14
541Animal problem2
542Animal rescue1
550Public service assistance, Other1
551Assist police or other governmental agency5
553Public service1
561Unauthorized burning27
600Good intent call, Other1
6111Structure Fire - Dispatched and cancelled enroute9
6114Alarm Detector Activate - Dispatched and cancelled6
6118Other - Dispatched and cancelled enroute85
641Vicinity alarm (incident in other location)2
650Steam, Other gas mistaken for smoke, Other1
651Smoke scare, odor of smoke2
652Steam, vapor, fog or dust thought to be smoke2
700False alarm or false call, Other18
710Malicious, mischievous false call, Other1
721Bomb scare - no bomb1
730System malfunction, Other3
731Sprinkler activation due to malfunction3
733Smoke detector activation due to malfunction3
734Heat detector activation due to malfunction1
735Alarm system sounded due to malfunction4
736CO detector activation due to malfunction3
740Unintentional transmission of alarm, Other4
743Smoke detector activation, no fire - unintentional15
744Detector activation, no fire - unintentional6
745Alarm system activation, no fire - unintentional21
746Carbon monoxide detector activation, no CO3
814Lightning strike (no fire)1
911Citizen complaint4